A Royal Treat


The bees got an upgrade to the penthouse. They are showered with Fynbos offerings to show our appreciation for all they do for us.

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Bees plays such an important role in our ecosystem as a whole. I am in awe and wonder over the immense art” of pollination that these tiny healers have. Everyone knows Fynbos honey is the best honey to be found and is often described as liquid gold, bee keeping and the honey trade is a tremendous big industry and generates a huge amount of income for a large part of our farming community. They should therefor also be treated as a treasure because alongside the Fynbos, bees are equally if not more so important. I played around with the idea of elevating the bees to a penthouse accommodation and sitting back to watch their excitement for the gifts they are being offered. I have had some first had experience with bee keeping and it is such a fascinating and intricate yet very sensitive negotiation.”

Dimensions 420 × 300 mm
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