An Uncertain Certainty


Inspired by David Hockney’s photo collages and traditional printmaking, the artwork revolves around the emotional impact of a worldwide pandemic.

MEDIUM: Mixed Media Lino Cut
DIMENSIONS: 1980 x 1420mm

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Through the use of multiple layers of colour and textures, this piece deals with the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. The scattered colours represent confusion, almost like a chameleon struggling to adapt to its surroundings. The portrait was compiled by juxtaposing the individual linocut prints and colour palette to build tension. The pattern was created by randomly using masking tape on top of each layer and adding colours on top. Once dried, the mask was removed, leaving only the exposed areas. This process was repeated until the portrait emerged. The back- ground colour was created by mixing ash from the Rooikrans tree and white pigment. Besides being an alien tree species (like a virus), the ash provided a warm shade to the white pigment. The piece was finished off by adding marks created by using custom-crafted tools. In conclusion, the piece’s premise is that even in a state of confusion, we should not lose sight of who we are.

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