Castle Rock


A secluded dry river bed in the Albany Thicket.

MEDIUM: Soft 6B pencil and oil paint on stretched canvas
DIMENSIONS: 1200 x 960mm

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For all of Sandra Thomas’ artworks:rnrnMy work features the pristine natural habitat of the Albany Thicket of the Eastern Cape. I don’t deliberately look for subject matter but rather journal my excursions. My references are on-site sketches and photographs of the places that I explore. I embrace the subject, investigating and reinterpreting the image in a way that is different from the traditional portrayal of a purely realistic rendition of the subject. rnrnMy works consist of many small focal details instead of one obvious view. The light and shadows of the rocks, sand, water, and foliage lend themselves to an abstract interpretation.rnrnI hope the viewer is drawn into the natural world to experience the ever-changing face of nature and share the serenity and beauty of these valuable areas of untouched wilderness with me.rnrnMy canvasses are presented without glass, allowing the observer greater access to the work. rnrnCASTLE ROCKrnThe sandstone rocks reminded me of an English castle, so I developed a fairy tale around a prince and princess, who are seen dancing in the far distance, surrounded by nature.

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