If I could ride a bike


MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. Framed in stained Oak.
DIMENSIONS: 510 x 510mm

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“If I Could Ride a Bike” captures a serene seascape where the hushed whispers of the ocean meet the quiet reflections of a tranquil gathering. The monotone palette bathes the scene in muted greys and soft earthy tones, creating an atmosphere of gentle simplicity. The rhythmic waves kiss the shore, echoing the quietude that permeates the air. Amidst this peaceful tableau, a multitude of people, depicted with sensitivity and grace, engage in quiet contemplation, their shared presence evoking a shared connection with the expansive beauty of the sea. The painting captures the essence of a moment suspended in time, where the delicate interplay of nature and human presence harmonizes into a tapestry of serenity.

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