Pink Protea


Step into the clourful world of the Pink Proteas” With vibrant, magical hues I try to portray the flowers as its stands ass a symbol for endurance and hoper
That is why the King Protea is a popular flower at wedding ceremonies.,representing the couples thriving journey together.”

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The Beautiful Protea have been my faithful companions during my artistic career. The King Protea strands as symbol of resilience, triumph over harshest draught, rocky soil and wildfires. It’s the kaleidoscope of colours that I see in the flowers that inspire me. King Protea is a sought after flower for wedding ceremonies. It represents the couples journey towards thriving together and concqering all obstacles.Every stroke of my brush convey hues of colour, Emphasize the symbolism that it stand for, hope and endurance.

Dimensions 50 × 25 mm
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