Inspired by David Hockney’s photo collages and traditional printmaking, the artwork revolves around the emotional impact of a worldwide pandemic.

MEDIUM: Mixed Media Lino Cut
DIMENSIONS: 1980 x 1420mm

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Therefore, it’s not always about what you can add but what you can remove. The work consists of strategically layering pandemic related newspapers and linocut prints on top of each other. The aim was to start destroying the work by tearing away at the multiple layers to reveal the portrait.rnrnUpon scanning through the piece, there are small remnants of news articles visible, hinting at a time of confusion and uncertainty. Marks of frustration and anger shooting across the paper further exacerbates the piece.rnrnThe work is a reminder that the world has to reassess itself. It’s time to declutter and rebuild (or reinvent ourselves). Start tearing away unnecessary layers; build a better foundation.

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