Strawberry Wax


Watercolour on 300 GSM, 100% Cotton, Acid free paper. Framed in Kiaat wood.

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Allow me to introduce ‘Strawberry Wax,’ my watercolor creation that captures the breathtaking essence of South Africa’s Fynbos biome. With every brushstroke, I aimed to convey the delicate yet vibrant nature of the Strawberry Surprise Wax Flowers, painting them in a loose and expressive style on 300 gsm paper. The loose strokes bring an element of spontaneity to the piece, allowing the colors to blend and dance freely, much like the natural world itself. Nestled within a Kiaat wood frame, I envisioned this artwork as a bridge between viewers and the beauty of the Fynbos, inviting you to appreciate the organic elegance of these floral wonders. ‘Strawberry Wax’ is my heartfelt tribute to the intricate beauty of the world around us, an invitation to savor the fragility and charm of the ecosystems that endlessly inspire me.””

Dimensions 373 × 287 mm
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