Threads of Beauty


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‘Threads of Beauty’
In Jeske’s oil pastel artwork, see seeks to capture the ethereal essence of the Serruria Florida fynbos, commonly known as ‘Blushing Bride’. These delicate blooms, composed of a cluster of tiny flowers, appear like intricate threads woven together to form a tapestry of natural wonder.
Serruria Florida, hailed as the most beautiful of the Serrurias, possesses an inherent grace that has captivated botanists and flower enthusiasts alike. Sometimes also referred to as skaamblom (shyflower) or trots (pride of) van Franschhoek, this precious flower boasts a cluster that adorns itself in dark pink or pinkish white hues. Enveloping this exquisite core are translucent papery white bracts, which to the untrained eye, appear as delicate petals.

Dimensions 386 × 397 mm
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