A Walk in the Mist


In ‘A Walk in the Mist,’ an oil-on-canvas painting, viewers are transported to the serene world of Southern Cape’s fynbos. The mist gently veils native flora in subdued, monochromatic tones, evoking an air of tranquility and mystery.”

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“A Walk in the Mist” is a captivating oil on canvas that transports viewers to the enchanting world of Southern Cape’s fynbos. The mist delicately envelops the native flora, lending an air of mystery and tranquility to the scene. Monotone colors and subdued tones create a sense of quiet introspection, inviting viewers to discover the hidden beauty of this natural sanctuary. The fynbos’ subtle shades of a single hue, blending harmoniously with the mist, evoke a serene atmosphere. It’s an invitation to experience the magic of this unique corner of the world.”

Dimensions 240 × 180 mm
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