“Aureate” Gateways to gold. Oil on canvas A2

MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 420 x 594mm

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The light of the sun reflecting on the ocean just before sunset yields deep colors of gold and indigo. The two colors dance with the waves and play with the shells and pebbles when introduced to the beach. On this evening, with the mist slowly starting to move over the scene from the north, the only way to explain the scene is gold. The color was so perfect that it felt like you could stretch out your hand and draw back a golden piece of jewellery with no effort. This painting is created on an A3 canvas with oil paint on canvas. I work with a technique called glazing. The oil paint is applied in thin layers, allowing the lower colors of the previous layers to shine through the later layers. This is called optical mixing and creates a resonance in color that is not attainable with only one layer of paint. This is a time-consuming procedure, as each layer has to dry fully before applying the next. This technique creates a luminous quality, that I love to use especially in the skies.

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