Old tree in the Albany Thicket.

MEDIUM: Pencil and oil on stretched canvas
DIMENSIONS: 1800 x 1220mm

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This is a huge old tree, almost monstrous in size, its root and lower trunk covered by moss. It is an amazing force that hasn’t been touched by humans, in which I found hallmarks of birth and the continual regeneration of the forest if left alone. It is a fascinating mystery that a forest can contain so many images, some of which are featured in the work – faces, a baby, birds, a frog and a Venus of Willendorf tucked into the rocks.rnrnI drew with a very dark, soft 9B pencil and then used a glazing method with oil paint over the pencil. Instead of using white oil paint, I meticulously left areas of the canvas unpainted to allow the white of the canvas to shine through, imbuing the work with the effect of stained glass. This produces a luminescence and gives the piece a sense of the ethereal.

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