Bouquet of thanksgiving


Fynbos and Delft is a fusion of my current style and new avenues explored through different seasons of my growth as an artist.

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Fynbos is the unique way of nature blessing us with an untamed sensory overload. The smell, the rugged coarseness of the stems and millions of leaves, flowers, and twigs. It commands a zoomed glance/smell, and ultimately a change of heart.
Fynbos blends well with Dutch patterns like delft maybe because I have a symbiotic mental reference when I think of the Cape Fynbos and Cape Dutch and the fusion of the two left me with a representation of them as such. I have recently started with a personal space and making it a blue and white Delft-like shrine. I am in love with the line work and the endless possibilities through line and space offered with bold commitment. It has almost become meditative and healing in working with these blue and white lines.

Dimensions 420 × 300 mm
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