Ek soek jou in die Fynbos Reuke


Fynbos with a blue sky and a charcoal figure.

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The title is an extract from a poem by Ampie du Preez.
This piece is a tribute to loved ones lost and how we remember them through certain triggers, like smells for instance.
(I fondly remember how my grandmother’s kitchen always had the wonderful aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread!) Think of the poem by D J Opperman entitled: Sproeireen”:
“My nooi is in ‘n nartjie,
my ouma in kaneel,
daar’s iemand….iemand in anys,
daar’s ‘n vrou in elke geur!”
The figure drawn as a silhouette is a reminder that our loved ones may be gone, but never forgotten.”

Dimensions 440 × 340 mm
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